Fuelled by the rise of cloud computing, ‘Big Data’ and the Internet of Things, the data centre industry is one of the newest and fastest evolving asset classes, offering investors an exciting new investment opportunity and diversification play.

The demand for data transfer and storage has significantly increased over the past few years and is expected to continue to do so until 2022 at least, driving data centre expansion and investment capital flows.

The European Data Centre space is in a period of fast maturity and institutionalisation, as many see the asset class as the retail warehouse sector of tomorrow. Compared to the US, where the data centre space has emerged as a viable standalone asset class, the timing for investment in the expanding European landscape is prime.

As more institutional investors become familiar and more comfortable with the complexities of the data centre opportunity, liquidity and transparency will only increase as Europe is expected to grow exponentially as a key hub for data centres to serve the increasing processing and storage needs across the continent.

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