Key-Vest provides vendors and sponsors of investment grade property assets with a direct and transparent channel to access a global audience of institutional Real Estate investors.

Whether you are an institutional investor seeking to dispose of assets in your portfolio, a Real Estate Fund Manager seeking co-investment, a REIT or a Developer looking for an institutional funding partner, Key-Vest will connect you with the right investors for your assets.

Unlimited access to global institutional investors representing over $70 Trillion in total AUM
More control, transparency and discretion for vendors over the transaction process
Greater efficiency and lower transaction fees for sellers by cutting out expensive brokers and intermediaries
A Direct channel for vendors to access a targeted universe of buyers for their assets

Our investment partners include global Pension Funds, Family offices, Asset Managers, Endowments, Sovereign Wealth Funds and Insurance Companies actively seeking real estate investment assets across the property risk spectrum. Key-Vest can help you find the right buyer for your assets at the most attractive valuations to maximise your returns without the need for expensive agents or brokers.

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Our Investor Universe

Our global universe of investors comprises a network of over 6000 institutions representing a total global Real Estate AUM of circa $3 Trillion.


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Our Packages offer:

  • bullet Immediate and unlimited access to our unique universe of global institutional buyers
  • bullet Full discretion over the geography and type of investors you prefer to target
  • bullet Simple monthly subscription and success fee model with no contracts or hidden fees
  • bullet Free and without obligation trial period for every new seller to the platform

As the CIO of a Real Estate Private Equity fund, when we decide to dispose of portfolio assets, we seek reliable buyers at the right valuation. It is not an efficient use of my time to go out and solicit individual buyers, and we do not like to enter auctions as a competitive process will drive down valuations and hit our returns. We usually use the large brokers to help find us buyers, but we often have no control over who is seeking our assets and how broadly it is being shopped around. The fees brokers charge are usually too high and do not justify the value they add considering most negotiations are conducted bilaterally between the buyer and seller.

Key-Vest is a useful tool for sellers as it allows me to control which types of buyers I can target, and provides access to a broader global subset of potential investors. I am also not paying huge brokerage fees which ultimately eat into my returns. The direct contact with buyers is more efficient and streamlined, and makes the transaction process easier, faster, cheaper and more valuable for our investors and our net returns.

The Key-Vest platform directly connects the buyer and seller, which is the future of real estate transactions as the brokerage and agency model becomes increasingly obsolete. Key-Vest is a life line for our business and our industry going forward.”

Chief Investment Officer,
UK based Real Estate Private Equity Fund Manager